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Barbara's new limited edition live album is now available on CD and DVD.

Recorded at Glasgow's unique and stunning Òran Mór in March, 2021, 'Ballads and Blether' saw Barbara performing her first-ever live-streamed concert, showcasing tracks from her acclaimed recent studio album, 'Time Is Going Faster' along with some of her own favourites and the newly-written track 'My Own Adventure'.

'Barbara Dickson: Ballads and Blether' is now available as a strictly limited edition CD album and DVD package exclusively from Barbara's webstore and all orders include free postage and packing within the UK.

Alongside the live performances, Barbara talks to BBC presenter Nicola Meighan about the background to each of the songs she performs as well as her extraordinary career which has taken her from the folk clubs of her native Fife to international success as a singer and award-winning actress.


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