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Hello everyone!


I’m so happy to sit down and send this to you, at the end of 2023. Gosh, I’ve no idea where this year has disappeared to, but it’s whizzed by in my opinion. Of course I always say that the older you get, the faster times goes!


I’m delighted with the response to the ‘farewell’ band tour in February 2024. It’s an astonishing 47 years since my first headlining band tour in 1977. Some of it seems like yesterday but of course it’s a lifetime of work and a career which has been so rich and fulfilling. I hope you all enjoy the band’s swansong and I’ll be sure to think of all the lovely players I’ve appeared with over the years, as I travel round the country.


And the new album is out and you can order it here on CD, download or vinyl! I’m really pleased with this one. I don’t always say that, but this time there’s so much of me invested in it, that it was a labour of love indeed. The songwriting side of things has become more important to me recently and I think that shows in the track listing of ‘My Own Adventure’. I can’t wait to introduce some of the songs live on tour.


While I write, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all. Those who have shown an interest in me and my work over the years and the stalwarts who’ve stayed with me along the road. I hope you’ll have a fantastic Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year in 2024.


See you on tour in February!!! 


Love and Happy Christmas, 




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