Hi Everyone!


It’s been almost ten months since I did a blog for you. Obviously some of that time earlier this year was taken up with not being so well and having to call off twelve of my tour dates in the Spring. For anyone who had booked, sincere apologies - it is my ambition to try to play at least some of those dates in the future - no idea when at this stage, but keep visiting us and you’ll be the first to know.


The tour earlier this year was so wonderful and I loved working with Terl and Phil, although of course I missed Brad and Russell. It was a great success and the approach was very different with the new members of the band so there was a freshness to the music. I loved the set list too. It was interesting to be incorporating a few of my own songs in there and they seemed to be much appreciated. That 'lockdown output' was quite prolific (for me!), and it was great to play those songs in a live setting.


I came back to performing on a beautiful summer’s day in August and now have fulfilled three different sets of shows with a varied line-up of Nick Holland, Anthony Toner and my old friend Rab Noakes.


As I write, we are almost ready to go on the road again and November 3rd in Worcester beckons. I really hope that we will enjoy the fourteen shows in November as much as ever. It’s wonderful to be contemplating concerts again and in a tour setting. It seems to have been a long time. My team are all ready and waiting, so I have Nick, Anthony, David and Oliver with me. We’ll see you along the road in the next few weeks’ time. Some of our dates are sold out so be quick! It will be great to see you all again and I'm particularly looking forward to maybe seeing some of you in London at Cecil Sharp House on November 10th.


Plans for next year are fairly fluid just now but we do have more shows in June which are still being put together I as write as well as a one-off date in Belfast in March with Anthony Toner.


I’m still keen to promote my last album, ‘Time is Going Faster’, as the pandemic really got in the way of our promoting and performing the songs from that. I love playing that new material.


As for now, I’m busy arranging music and am half-way through writing another song, with one already waiting in the wings for our next sojourn into the recording studio. I have loads of prep to do before we venture forth but hopefully as 2023 progresses, so will I.


Love to you all and thanks for your ongoing love and support for my work.


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