I promise not to talk about COVID 19 - that’s the first thing out of the way!

As I write, we look forward to a brighter future, hopefully, as we spin into the summer months. We have had, I know, all sorts of shocks to the system but now there is an awakening perhaps of our previous lives and the prospect of getting back to some sort of enjoyment of each other and society, which I cannot wait for.

I'm so glad that people seemed to have enjoyed 'ballads and Blether,' our little concert from the Oran Mor. It was a good idea, after the Tour 2021 being postponed, to somehow mark the new album, ‘Time is Going Faster’ and the new material from that.


I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see Nick and David again and to have the marvellous Archie Cookson, my youngest son, playing with us on percussion, mandolin and vocals. The delightful Nicola Meighan came to talk to me about my updated autobiography, ‘A Shirt Box Full of Songs,’ which for me was the icing on the cake. I think the combination of music and chat worked well and I am thrilled with the production and the new DVD of the event.

The latest venture of mine is the current podcast series, ‘Answer Me Ten With Barbara Dickson’. I have leaned on and asked for help from all directions here, as I have never tackled a podcast before.


However, it was such fun to pose the same questions to those five delightful guests and hear how differently they viewed them.

bloy may2021.jpg

That is the beauty of the format. I am not interested in ‘interviewing’ as such and wanted to do something different.The shared experience has been uplifting. The marvellous Kiki Dee kicked the series off and now we have four more to go and I hope you enjoy them as much I did. Each one is very different.

I'm already looking at my autumn live dates, logistically and musically, as although they are in October, I need to prepare myself for being back on the road, even just for a few days with Nick. We are getting very excited. Anthony Toner is also on board already as support, so it will be a wonderful reunion, as well as a great introduction to the prospect of the 2022 full tour.

Nothing quite compares, in my mind, to the anticipation of next year’s dates and, having been delayed, nothing will stop it being more special as a result. I am delighted to say that the band are already geared up, but Russell Field is unavailable so the wonderful Terl Bryant has stepped into his shoes to play drums and percussion for us. Russell is sorry not to be with us, but because of conflicting dates, he finds himself off on another venture at that time.

I cannot wait to start playing again - what excitement for me to see an audience again!

Personally, things are fine. I’ve just recorded a TV show, the first for ages, called ‘The Great Food Guys’, and I have just become a Patron of Prisoners Week Scotland and recorded a little video for their new website. I'm also in the middle of a course of art classes in drawing here in Edinburgh. I hope to be able to enjoy the company of my eldest son, Colm, in July for a little break up in the Highlands. We can now see friends and family and stay overnight, so visits we never thought anything of in the past have become very special and precious. I’m off to Fife next week!

Take care and thank you for your continuing support. I am grateful that you’re still listening and watching for news. In the meantime, I am writing and creating music, so hopefully something positive will come out of all of these lockdowns. Just you wait!!


Love as ever and hope to see you very soon.