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Hello everyone!


Once again, thank you to all of you who managed to come and see a show this year. Apart from the demise of twelve dates in the Spring of 2022, we’ve had an excellent year of varied and musically fulfilling concerts, well-attended and enriching.


I’m so pleased that the mask-wearing and restricted behaviour of the last three years seems to have gone and I can definitely hope to see your bonnie faces in the foreseeable future, thank goodness. It was so difficult for us all not to be able to relax properly when attending shows.


2023 promises, all being well, to be interesting and evolutionary for me. I may have reached my 75th birthday in September, but I’m full of plans and ideas for expanding my repertoire in the future.


I have been talking to my friends at Kennedy Street Enterprises about fulfilling some missing dates from the April cancellations of this year. So keep visiting us to see what’s happening on that front but we hope to be active hopefully in November with those dates.


Also, I have some existing shows with Nick coming up in June and a couple of festivals throughout the year already in our diaries - check the concerts page for details on these as they go on sale.


I’m planning to start working on a new album and so I will spend the early part of 2023 looking at new material and writing more songs for that project with Nick. I’ll let you know more as we proceed.


My big sadness recently was the death of my old and dear friend Rab Noakes, very suddenly and tragically, in Glasgow in November. We gave him a marvellous send-off in early December, but I have to admit to a Rab-shaped gap in my life, as we were singing together in September and he was enthusiastically planning an album with Brooks Williams of the songs of Don Everly, arguably our greatest early inspiration. He’d also written seven new songs, so his untimely death is a blow to active older artistes. RIP Rab. We won’t forget you.


I’d like once more to say a huge thankyou to all of you who made such a herculean effort to come and see the band and then Nick and I, playing all over the UK this year. Some attended many shows as well. You know who you are and much love for that. We appreciate so much the commitment.


Please keep coming to visit us here at the site, and supporting us into the New Year.


A very Happy Christmas to you all and may 2023 bring good fortune and blessings to everyone.





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