Well, we're into April. I think March had 400 days, or did it just feel like that?  

I hope you’re doing well in this Covid-19 crisis, wherever you live and find yourself these days. 

I’ve heard you liked the wee ‘Family Tree’ video I did recently. It’s difficult to think of songs that are cheery but not patronising when everyone is feeling differently! 


I hope those who have had the virus are feeling better and that no more of you will succumb to it. So far, nobody close to me has been a victim of its clutches, and I’m very grateful for that, although I can’t light my usual candles in the Cathedral as it’s shut for the duration. 

With the closure of the gym and swimming pool, I’m running every morning, apart from the weekend, when I have been doing yoga with my husband. The running is interesting for all sorts of reasons. It certainly works in the ‘brain’ department, making me feel more focused and centred for the rest of the day. I think if I wasn't able to get out and inhale fresh air (fresher by the day!), I’d pretty much go mad.  

I’m very lucky. Edinburgh is easy to live in, with all this strangeness going on, and the Scots seem immune to the antisocial panic buying sprees of a couple of weeks ago. We really have no shortages and the queues are minimal for some weird reason. 

I’ve started writing the update of my autobiography, taking in the last four years. John Abernethy, who helped me with the original hardback version, is sorting it all out for me, to make sure it all makes sense! 


I'm not exactly sure when to issue this version, but I need some new photographs from the latest Brian Aris session, which was due to happen in late April. I guess that won't take place now as scheduled, but all being well as soon as it's feasible. I need a new poster shot for next year's tour as well, plus an album cover, so it’s urgent that I get that done. 

Kennedy Street Enterprises have the press release of the tour as we speak, but because there is no action out there with all live music on hold, please bear with me on this. There will be about 25 dates at least in March and April and the whole band is booked and ready. Health permitting, we’re raring to go!! 

The new album, ‘Time is Going Faster,’ is still being recorded, bit by bit, and Nick and I plan to finish in July, hopefully when things calm down a bit. I'm loving listening to the tracks thus far, with the care and attention we always give to the performances and arrangements very much to the fore. It’s exciting to think of playing the music live when we take to the stage next year. I can’t wait for that.  

My family are all scattered - Colm in London and the other boys, Gabriel and Archie, marooned here in Edinburgh in lockdown. Nobody is working and there's nothing open - a very difficult situation for young people. I can remember when I was their age, always looking for something to do!  

There will be no Largs 'In Conversation' show now as the theatre is closed and the Tredegar House Folk Festival is already rescheduled for next year, after my tour. I'm confident that everything will be rebooked. Keep visiting and I'll let you know. 


Let’s just see where we are in a few weeks’ time. I hope that some singers and bands will be able to play later in the year and we can get back to some sort of normality. I won’t be doing any more concerts this year, sadly, but perhaps some of your favourites will. For me, I’m really hoping that Jimmy Webb’s tour will still go ahead later in the year, as I’d booked to see him in June. Fortunately, I got to see Judy Collins before all this happened and I was blessed to be able to fulfil all my tour dates before the virus hit. 

I’m hoping that my trip to Canada and US in September and October will be safe at this distance and that I get to see my brother again plus do some wanderings around Virginia and up into New England this year. 

Keep safe and well, everyone. As Anthony Toner says ‘Love, love, love’…