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Barbara recently starred in the BBC's adaptation of 'The Road and the Miles to Dundee'.

Barbara was recently amongst the cast of Val McDermid's 'The Road and the Miles to Dundee,' which premiered on BBC Radio 4 on March 25th.

Also starring John Kazek and Susannah Laing, the drama was directed by Turan Ali and adapted by Val McDermid from her 2013 book, 'Cross Roads: A Short Story Collection'.

'I'm a huge admirer of Val's and I was delighted to be asked to be a part of this, not having done radio for many years now," Barbara says. "It also gave me the chance to work again with the wonderful Turan Ali, with whom I worked many years ago on another series for BBC Radio, 'Dinner Ladies', which some people may remember?

"Val is, of course, best-known for her crime novels but this is something rather different altogether... it's very moving and I do hope people enjoy it as much as I loved recording it."

The play is available to listen to here online.

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