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new autobiography

Barbara's revised and expanded autobiography has just been published in paperback.

The new revised and updated paperback edition of Barbara's autobiography has just been published and is available exclusively to order here.

Originally published in 2009, the book has several new chapters which bring Barbara's story completely up-to-date and each order will be autographed by Barbara.

Barbara says of the release:

"I could not be more pleased at how the new paperback edition has turned out. It's been beautifully put together this time, and I'm so grateful to John Eaden and to John Abernethy for all their help. I've completely overhauled the original hardback and there are in the region of 10,000 new words, so it's not just a quick chapter tagged onto the end.
The loss of friends like Gerry Rafferty and Pete Zorn, my recent visits to the States, moving back to Scotland, The Real Marigold Hotel - in fact, everything that's happened to me since 2009 - are all covered. Plus, visually it looks a treat!"

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