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Original Record Label: Polydor Records

Catalogue Number: Polydor 2480 429

Release Date: 1977

Highest UK Chart Position: N/A

Format: Vinyl album and cassette






01. Living In A Pet Shop

02. Sing A Song For The Tragopan (Barbara Dickson)

03. Scouse's Dream

04. Snow Up Your Nose For Christmas

05. Running Free

06. America

07. Scousey




01. Boat Ride

02. Scouse The Mouse

03. Passenger Pigeon (Barbara Dickson)

04. I Know A Place

05. Caterwaul

06. SOS

07. Ask Louey

08. A Mouse Like Me


Produced by: Hugh Murphy


Recorded at Berwick Street Studios, London

Written by: Donald Pleasance

Lyrics: Donald Pleasance, Roger Brown, Meira Pleasance, Ruan O'Lochlainn and Jim Parker




RINGO STARR (Scouse), ADAM FAITH (Bonce), BARBARA DICKSON (Molly Jolly), MICHAEL GOLDEN (Mr. Jolly/Captain),

MIRANDA PLEASENCE (Holly Jolly), BEN CHATTERLY (Olly Jolly), HENRY WOOLF (Little Boy/Geoffrey the Cat), RUBY WAX (American Lady), RICK JONES (Louey the Gull), POLLY PLEASENCE (Polly Jolly), DONALD PLEASENCE (Narrator)


Barbara sings the role of Molly Jolly on the album and sings two songs - Sing A Song For The Tragopan and Passenger Pigeon.

A number of re-releases have been issued over the years but they have all been unofficial Bootlegs - the album has never had an official re-release and has never been released on CD.

OTHER RECORDINGS - scouse the mouse (1977)
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