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Barbara's hit 1989 album, 'Coming Alive Again' gets its first ever reissue with this limited edition two-disc remastered 'Special Edition' set which is limited to just 400 copies.


Featuring classic tracks including 'Song of Bernadette,' 'September Song' and 'You're The Voice', the deluxe edition includes rarities from this era of Barbara's career as well as - for the first time ever in any format - the complete concert set, completely remastered, from her 1989 'Coming Alive Again' tour. The set includes several tracks which have never featured on any of Barbara's albums or compilations, including 'Send In The Clowns,' I'll Be Seeing You,' I'm a Woman,' 'The Power of Love, 'Fever' and 'Waiting For A Star To Fall.'


Both discs are presented in a double jewel case with a sixteen page booklet featuring photos and extensive liner notes chronicling the making of the album, with contributions from, amongst others, Stewart and Bradley James, Charlie Dore and Barbara herself.

The print run for this CD, available exclusively via Barbara's webstore, is limited to just 400 copies.


The 'Special Edition' releases of 'All For A Song' and 'Heartbeats' sold out within days and have become collectors items, changing hands on eBay for up to £100 a copy, so pre-order now to avoid disappointment - as with the previous releases, these will not be reissued.





DISC ONE: Coming Alive Again (The Original Album)


01. How Long

02. Every Now And Then

03. Friend In Need

04. It Might Be You

05. Precious Cargo

06. You're The Voice

07. The Letter

08. Coming Alive Again

09. Song Of Bernadette

10. Dream Of You

11. Give Me One Good Reason

12. September Song




13. Say It From The Heart (B-Side - never released on any of Barbara's albums)

14. Thousands Are Sailing (never released on any of Barbara's albums)

15. The West Coast of Clare (never released on any of Barbara's albums)




16. Send In The Clowns
17. Waiting For A Star To Fall
18. Precious Cargo
19. January February




20. Answer Me
21. Something Special
22. Coming Alive Again
23. Sule Skerry
24. Fever
25. I'm A Woman
26. It Might Be You
27. The Living Years
28. Another Suitcase In Another Hall

29. Caravan Song
30. You're All I Need To Get By
31. The Letter

32. I Know Him So Well
33. You're The Voice
34. Song Of Bernadette

35. The Power of Love

36. I'll Be Seeing You


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