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DVD release of a 'South Bank Show' TV special originally screened in 1987.


A chance to hear Barbara Dickson singing classical music in a superb television special from 1986, where, mixed with some of her best known material, she tackles the classical repertoire with style and surprising results! Barbara, known widely for her interpretation of ancient folk music in addition to pop classics and theatre songs of the 20th Century, here embarks on a quest.


She seeks answers to the question that, if she, one of the finest singers in her genre, can learn and perform a classic aria of the early operatic repertoire, what it would be like? She chooses, in her curiosity to see if this is indeed achievable, the Gluck piece Que Faro from his opera Orfeo ed Eurydice.


As well as favourites from Barbara’s 1980s repertoire including MacCrimmon’s Lament and Caravans, we see Barbara struggling and finally triumphing in a complex and compelling film...


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Barbara Dickson - Che Faro DVD

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