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Record Label: Lothian

Catalogue Number: JEF TD 5487

Release Date: 1965

Highest UK Chart Position: N/A

Format: Double Vinyl album




01. All For Me Grog (St Andrews "crew")

02. Fingerbusters (Eddie Pollard)

03. Tean A Nall Aillean Ugan (Norman Kennedy)

04. The Gaugers (The Craigdhu Four)

05. Knoxville Girl (Ian Moodie)

06. Marshall Dow's Blues (Marshall Dow)

07. Waters of Tyne (Barbara Dickson and Jack Beck)

08. Buy Broom Besoms (Dane Hamilton)

09. Half Hitch (Jim Closs)

10. Flamenco (Kenny Ramage)

11. Bonny Udny (Norman Kennedy)

12. Low Germanie (Scott Murdoch)

13. The Nicht Ah Ta'en Big Aggie Tae The Ba' (John "Jahne" Dale)

14. Oh Dear Me (Tom Smith/Ronnie Johnstone)

15. Sn An Ibe Bhoideach (Joan MacRae)

16. Doo-Me-Ama (Peter Hall)

17. Banks Of The Roses ('The Boys From Falkirk')

18. Dowie Houns O'Yarrow (Isla MacDonald)

19. Swing Yer Maw (The Craigdhu Four)

20. Portlairge etc (Falkirk instrummentalists)

21. Glasgow University Talking Blues (Ian Dand)

22. The Beggar Man (Jimmy Hutcheson)

23. Mason's Apron (Pav Verity/Jim Closs)

24. A Long Time Ago (The St Andrews Boys)

25. Darln Island (Willie Irwin/John Ritchie/John Watt/Tony Harris)





This rare double album was recorded live at the "Folksong '65" concert in January 1965 and contain's Barbara's first recording.


The album was privately pressed and available only in folk circles in Scotland - it was never generally released.


The liner notes for Barbara's track read "A song from the north of England ably performed in a quiet, rhythmic, yet nostalgic mood by Barbara Dickson and Jack Bechi (sic) of Dunfermline"

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