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Barbara presents a new weekly podcast series and talks to some of her musical contemporaries about their lives away from the music industry.

Barbara is currently recording a new series of weekly podcasts, 'Answer Me Ten,' each of which sees her interviewing a well-known female singer and delving behind the usual interview questions to discover more above their lives away from the spotlight. Each episode is currently premiering on all major platforms including Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer and YouTube from 9.00 am each Wednesday, beginning on May 12th.

Guests so far have included Eddi Reader, Kiki Dee, Petula Clark, Beverley Craven, Toyah Willcox, Mari Wilson and Rumer.

Barbara says of the series:

"When the idea was first suggested to me, I immediately wanted to put a different slant on the normal interview format. Having been interviewed myself so many times over the years, I was keen to avoid the usual "how did you break into the music business" type of question, which everyone with an interest in the interviewee would probably be aware of anyway.
"I've always been fascinated by those quick-fire one-page interviews which you often find on the back page of Sunday supplements where the same set of questions are posed to a weekly guest. The differing answers are often really revealing, so that is what we've done with 'Answer Me Ten' and I am enjoying the experience enormously. I'll be chatting to different singers from a variety of backgrounds in the British music scene and I'll be announcing each guest weekly. If people enjoy these podcasts, I'll be doing more - I have so many ideas for different people that I'd love to speak to! "


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