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BARBARA's best: top 20 albums & songs

A recent poll via Barbara's website and social media asked fans to vote for their favourite songs and albums - and the results are in!

In 2003, a survey via Barbara's website asked visitors to vote for their favourites amongst her huge back catalogue of albums and songs. In the intervening years, with a further twelve studio and live albums released, a new poll has been long overdue.

We received hundreds of votes and many thanks to all who took the time to participate - no easy task with over fifty years of recordings to choose from!

The results have been compiled into two videos counting down the fans' top 20 favourite albums and songs - click below to see both.

Please note that due to copyright issues, some song clips are longer than others and the video quality does vary considerably due to the age of some of the clips.

Below are the results of the previous 2003 poll.


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