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barbara dickson: NOW AND THEN - COMPILATION (1989)

Record/CD label: The Connoisseur Collection

Catalogue Number: VSOP CD 166

Release Date: 2 October, 1991

Highest UK Chart Position: N/A

Format: CD, cassette




01. Follow You, Follow Me

02. Fine Partly Cloudy

03. I Think It's Going To Rain Today

04. Friend In Need

05. It Might Be You

06. Fortress Around Your Heart

07. If You Go Away

08. Same Sky

09. September Song

10. If You're Right

11. Peter

12. The West Coast Of Clare

13. I Don't Believe In You

14. Angie Baby

15. Who Are You Anyway

16. Caravans

17. No Milk Today

18. Thousands Are Sailing

19. Dream Of You

20. It's Raining Again Today




Two tracks on this CD, 'The West Coast Of Clare' and 'Thousands Are Sailing', have never been available on any of Barbara's albums. Both are taken from the 1987 BBC TV series 'Barbara Dickson Visits...'


The 'West Coast of Clare' and 'Thousands Are Sailing' were released as a double A-Side single in Ireland (together with 'She Moves' Thro The Fair' from the album 'The Right Moment') in 1987.

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