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Format: DVD and video

Released by: Various (DVD)

Original DVD Release Date: 2003





Caravan Song - Barbara Dickson





This 1978 movie based on the book by James Michener and directed by James Fargo features a score by Mike Batt and includes Barbara's 'Caravan Song' (the movie version is included on the soundtrack album/CD and was later re-recorded and expanded for release as a single the following year).


The film starred Anthony Quinn, Michael Sarrazin, Jennifer O'Neill and Christopher Lee. Little-seen in the UK, it was nominated for an Oscar for Costume Design.


The film was released as a rental video in the UK and was released on all-region DVD in the USA in 2003. It has also been issued, with a variety of different covers in Spain. In all cases the quality of the DVD is quite poor and looks as though it has been transferred from an old videotape copy.

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