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Barbara's first single since 1995 has just been released and is available to stream or download now.

Barbara's brand new single, 'Where Shadows Meet The Light,' has just been released and is now available to download or stream via iTunes, Spotify or Amazon Music. Click here for more details. The single is currently #5 on iTunes' Vocal charts.

'Where Shadows Meet The Light' is Barbara's first single since 1995's 'Love Hurts' and is the 40th single release of her career - the forthcoming album, 'Time Is Going Faster', will mark Barbara's 25th studio album and an incredible fifty years since the release of her first solo album, 'Do Right Woman' in 1970.

Barbara says of the release:

"Fifty years on and here we are with a new album and the new single. It seems incredible to me, but those that know me know that I've never been one for looking back. I still have the same thrill in singing and making new music, finding new songs and constantly trying to move forward artistically.
'Where Shadows Meet The Light' is one of three completely new songs which I've written on the new album. It's quite autobiographical and means a lot to me. The original live version did very well on my last tour and I do hope that people will love the recorded version as much as I do and support it. Nick Holland has produced and he's done a wonderful job. I couldn't be happier with the finished result."

Click here to visit Barbara's webstore to pre-order signed copies of the new album, the new autobiography and a range of other merchandise and downloads.

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