A new interview with Barbara is now available on her official YouTube channel.

Barbara has recorded a new 'lockdown' interview in which she discusses at length her life in the music business, what prompted some of the biggest changes in her career and some of the highlights and regrets along the way.

She also discusses her forthcoming new album and what fans can expect from it:

The new album is called 'Time Is Going Faster'. It'll have ten tracks on it. I think the only well-known song on it will be 'Tell Me It's Not True'which we've re-worked because the only version that was available, really, has been recorded by my band a long time ago, or the cast album version which I never, ever liked at all. So, Nick and I do rather a good version of it - we've just stripped the whole thing down and decided to re-record it.
Everything else will be fairly unknown... there's a couple of things that might be slightly familiar to people but other than that it's going to be another voyage of discovery.

Barbara also reminisces about her memories of the late Gerry Rafferty, her hopes for the future and what she really thinks about of some of her most popular albums and hit singles.

Click below to hear the full interview or visit Barbara's YouTube channel here.