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Updated: Apr 30

A track recorded by Barbara for TV in 1974 has recently come to light - but what does she recall of it?

Autumn, 1974 and Barbara was the toast of the West End with the transfer of Willy Russell's hit Beatles' musical, 'John Paul George Ringo... & Bert' playing at the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue. The cast recording had still to be released, her last folk album, 'From The Beggar's Mantle,' had been over two years earlier and her first ever single release was imminent.

Now, strangely, over 40 years later, a track recorded for television at the time has surfaced. In late 1974, Barbara was invited to record a song for the BBC's long-running teen drama series, ´Scene.' The episode, 'Mum, Where Are You?,' was written by Eric Paice and directed by Ian Wyatt and featured 'Birds of a Feather's Linda Robson and Kim Taylforth, sister of 'EastEnders' star Gillian. It was broadcast on BBC Two on 30 January, 1975.

Barbara says of the track:

"The song was played to me by a member of the audience after one of my shows earlier this year and I was asked if I remembered anything about it. The answer, sadly, is no! It's so long ago and I have no memory of recording it or any details about the song itself, although it's fascinating to hear after all these years."

Whether it was a track written for Barbara for the show, or a song she wrote herself may never be known, but it remains an interesting curio from early in her career. The song is now available on Barbara's YouTube channel.