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Barbara has contributed to a new TV series about Billy Connolly which begins tonight.

Barbara has taken part in a celebration of the life and career of Billy Connolly begins tonight on the BBC Scotland channel. Amongst a season of programmes will be the new six-part series, 'Billy And Us,' which features the 'Big Yin' himself reflecting on his life alongside rare material from the BBC archives.

Barbara and Billy have been friends since both were regulars on the Scottish folk scene of the late 60's and early 70's when Billy toured alongside the late Gerry Rafferty and Tam Harvey as the folk rock band, The Humblebums. As Barbara recalls in her autobiography, 'A Shirt Box Full of Songs':

"Billy is an inspiration. Throughout his career he has never looked back or repeated himself. He has progressed from one phase of his life to the next without ever losing his excitement and enthusiasm for living to the full."

With subjects ranging from the shipyards to sex, religion, class and politics, Billy talks openly in the new series about his life, career and routines, shedding light along the way on the cultural landscape of Scotland… and beyond:

"All my life I’ve wanted to make people laugh…  while I might have been shocking, I never set out to shock, I just did what I thought was funny, but looking back I can see that by sending up what was around me at the time, I might well have ended up breaking down barriers and taking on the odd taboo."

He reviews a range of archive film, ranging from classic routines and interviews to some rare and long forgotten documentary footage.

Barbara will appear in the third episode of 'Billy And Us' which is scheduled for BBC Radio Scotland on Thursday 28th May at 10.00 pm.