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Listen online to Barbara´s interview earlier today on the 'Friday Afternoon Show.'

Barbara was interviewed earlier today by Nicola Meighan on 'The Friday Afternoon Show' on BBC Radio Scotland and the programme is now available to listen to online via BBC Sounds

(The interview is the first item on the show).

Barbara discusses her 2021 tour and her experiences taking part in BBC One's 'The Real Marigold Hotel':

"It's lovely for me to be part of something that seems to be, in the main, designed to cheer people up... it was a wonderful adventure and, actually, they were really serious about not talking about it at all and for people to keep quiet - certainly in these days of social media - it's really difficult!

Asked about the atmosphere between the celebrities whilst filming and who she particularly got on with, Barbara says:

"I liked everybody on the trip and I never did have any kind of confrontational stuff with anybody because I just think that with a load of older people it would be very unlikely that there would be sort of clashes of egos like you'd get with a lot of younger people - and anyway most of these people have been around the block a few times!
For some reason I got on marvellously well with Henry Blofeld. I know nothing about cricket! He's an Old Etonian and I've got nothing in common with people who went to Eton! Susie Blake is a wonderful woman because she's an actress and I know actresses. I've spent a lot of time with actors in the theatre and they are, by nature, really generous and lovely people."

The programme is available online until June 6th.

'The Real Marigold Hotel' continues on BBC One on Thursday 14th May at 9.00 pm.