Barbara has recorded a new interview which sees her refelecting on her album career.

Barbara has recently recorded a new interview in which she looks back on her album career, from 'The Golden Bird' and 'The Fate o' Charlie' in 1969, right through to 2018's 'Through Line' and the forthcoming new album, 'Time Is Going Faster'.

Barbara says of the interview:

"I think I'm right in saying that this is pretty much the first time that I have been asked to look back on my recording career in this way, in any detail certainly. I recall doing something similar for a tour brochure many years ago, but I certainly wouldn't have gone into any great detail.
"Not all of my albums are covered here - a handful have been skipped either because I've talked about them in other interviews very recently, such as 'All For A Song', or perhaps in the case of the live albums that there simply wasn't very much of interest to say about them. After all these years, my memories are a little sketchy in places but I've tried to be as honest as possible. I'm not sure that an hour of me talking about older recordings will be of much interest to the wider public, but hopefully it will interest the fans who may have bought many of these records and who have supported me over the years. To those who have, my grateful thanks!"

The interview is now available to listen to here on Barbara's official YouTube channel