Straight away it's obvious that the set just oozes with professionalism from the first chords of "Deep Into My Soul" until the last notes of "Stolen Love". The title track and the single from the LP, "Lover's Serenade," are outstanding cuts, while Barbara's three self-penned numbers - "High Tide", "Who Was It Who Stole Your Heart Away" and "I Could Fall" are also excellent. The other tracks are "It Makes Me Feel Good", "When You Touch Me This Way" and "There's A Party In My Heart".

'CUMBERNAULD NEWS' - 16th July 1977

With songs by Troy Seals, Doug Flett and Guy Fletcher and three by Barbara herself, this album continues to establish Miss Dickson as one of the best singers to emerge from Scotland during the past two years. Barbara, from Dunfermline, first came to prominence with the hit "Answer Me", taken from her first album. This second solo LP was recorded in the States, and it shows.

The release of the  album coincides with Barbara's short concert tour and tracks include "Lover's Serenade", "Deep Into My Soul" and "When You Touch Me This Way". Barbara is a very sensitive singer and performs all of the tracks with great feeling. With a few hits from this LP - and the material is here - she could establish herself as a major solo artiste both here and in America.


Barbara Dickon makes the kind of music thaf would lift you up into the sunshine. The Scottish lassie has a voice made for creating goose-pimples and curling male toes.

It has never been better handled than on her Nashville-recorded album "Morning Comes Quickly" with writer-producer Mentor Williams giving her the kind of material and sound that made his country-soul work with Dobie Gray so remarkable.

The up-tempo disco-style numbers are pure joy and even the sad songs, like "Morning Comes Quickly", with its "Love Letters" feel, pleasantly squeeze the heart. Barbara writes well, too, as the excellent fusion of Memphis and Nashville shows on "High Tide" and "Who Was It Stole Your Heart Away".


'AYR ADVERTISER' -  7th July 1977

Scots lass Barbara - she hails from Fife - first came to the attention of the record buying legions with her performance in the West End hit musical "John, Paul, George, Ringo and Bert". Her plaintive vocals on such classics as "Here Comes The Sun" made her a big hit with punters up and down the country and then she branched out with more original material and scored a sizeable hit with the moody   "Answer  Me". Then our bonnie lass was given a song to sing in the rock opera, "Evita" and again it proved a winner. "Another Suitcase In Another Hall" being the song in question.

So all eyes are now on the young lady as she presents us with "Morning Comes Quickly", an album recorded in the heart of the country music scene in Nashville, Tennessee. She has enlisted the help of some of the finest session musicians in the business and the producer of the set is the world famous Mentor Williams.