Their new cleaning company, Scrubit was doing fairly well, but not paying much and Mr. Nasty in the shape of their fraudulent former boss, George Ferguson, was back on the scene on parole and ready to prey upon his former staff. Barbara Dickson is excellent as his air-headed former mistress, who was almost taken in by him and nearly sold out on her mates before getting some sharp advice from a corporate solicitor. The same chap who had, ten minutes before, been willingly crawling around a kitchen getting whipped by one of the girls from The Lane.

Some great comic moments in this dark story, too. The only thing I found it hard to believe was that Carol (Cathy Tyson) was still seeing as a "family friend" the strange man whose manhood she decorated with scalding water in the last series. Especially as he's now back on his Marigolds and stockings thing again. You would have thought she'd have had enough of rubber gloves after cleaning toilets all day.

BAND OF GOLD (1995/1996)

'THE SUN' - 1996
(Review by Stafford Hildred)

The shock hit of last year is back. The girls are off the game and running their bright new cleaning company Scrubbers, whoops, I mean Scrub It.

It's quite a challenge. Even Cathy Tyson stuggles to look good with her hand down a lavatory as writer Kay Mellor, as usual, leaves nothing to the imagination. There's still plenty of sex and drugs as Samantha Morton and new girl Lena Headey plough on, turning more tricks than Paul Daniels, while high on curious chemicals.

As Geraldine James's character Rose puts it : "I suppose you and Madam Leather Knickers have been busy shoving things up your noses".

But Barbara Dickson steals the honours as earthy Anita. She almost falls for evil George Ferguson's smooth talk to let him into the business but realises in time he's still crooked. Unfortunately for Anita, he is so upset he knocks her flying with his Jag.

It's hardly the show to watch with your maiden aunt but it's a gritty drama packed high with street cred. And if you don't mind the fact that all the men are prats, perverts or pimps then even we humble males can enjoy it.

'SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO' - March 4, 1996 (Review by Alison Sparkes)

Band Of Gold had a similar untried start when the first series emerged last year and it scored triumphant ratings for its gritty realism and believable characters. It didn't seem like the kind of storyline to bear another series, though, especially as most of its key characters had come off the game. But, after 20 minutes of last night's first episode, it's clear that the tarts with hearts from The Lane have a great deal more to tell us about life, love and Marigold gloves.