Barbara Dickson has been a star for almost 15 years now, an artist who has appeared successfully in the theatre (most notably in Willy Russell's 'Blood Brothers'), and on TV. Her concerts are always major attractions, packed out with the Dickson faithful. She is blessed with a voice that has clarity and which is always tuneful... It is an idictment of the British record industry that there are many singers of Ms Dickson's ilk, with vast fan followings, but whose music is often overlooked by those same record companies, who prefer to focus their marketing attentions on today's top 20 acts.


The eclectic talent of Barbara Dickson.

This concert album showcases the wonderful diversity of Barbara Dickson. She's impossible to classify, with a voice that can sing anything. The unifying thread seems to be her great taste in material; rarely does she sing anything substandard.
Here, you get to hear a lot of her different sides. There's a couple of her pop hits ("Caravans," "I Know Him So Well,"); a jazz standard ("Lush Life"); folk material (James Taylor's "Only a Dream in Rio"); then-recent radio favorites (U2's "Pride" and Sting's "Fortress Around Your Heart"); one of her own compositions (the charming "Same Sky"); and a pair of Randy Newman songs from different eras ("I Think It's Going to Rain Today" and "It's Money That I Love").

Everything is handled with class and her gorgeous, burnished voice. One wishes she touched on some of the traditional folk songs she does so well, but that's a minor quibble. A fine disc all the way around.


'MUSIC WEEK' - October, 1987

This 12-track collection showcases one of the UK's mot popular female artists, albeit a singer who does not depend on top 30 hit singles for her consistent success.

Barbara's immaculate taste in good song material is reflected by the composer credits to be found here : Sting ('Fortress Around Your Heart'), Randy Newman ('I Think It's Going To Rain Today' and 'It's Money That I Love'), Mike Batt ('Caravan Song'), Gerry Rafferty ('The Right Moment'), Graham Gouldman (the Herman's Hermits oldie 'No Milk Today'), and James Taylor ('Only A Dream In Rio').

There's also a solo version of 'I Know Him So Well', the song from 'Chess' which took both Barbara and Elaine Paige to the top of the British charts.