Hi everyone,

It’s been a while now since I was in touch with you all and Christmas and New Year have been and gone. To be honest, when I’m embarking on a tour early in the year, I seem to miss out on much of the festivities, as I’m talking to folks about hotels and suchlike in advance of setting off on the Odyssey again!

It’s now a few weeks since I came home. The tour was great and I loved being out with my four superb musicians and doing my thing, getting better all the time. I miss Troy, Nick, Brad and Russ already!! The beginning of the tour was dogged by illness and it took me a while to recover but once I had, I flew! I was enjoying myself so much, I didn’t notice the time flying by.

There is a magic in playing live and playing the music you really love, live. I know people would imagine it’s always been like this, but it hasn’t, and the depth of emotion I feel for my role and position in music, playing for the people who really ‘get it’ and are uplifted by what we do, is beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you so much for all the positive support you give me.

I’m not doing much live music until the end of the year, in 2019, as I’ve fulfilled so much with travelling and sharing during the tour, but I’ll be out with Nick and also doing some dates with Rab Noakes in the Autumn.

Look out, though, for one-offs in the meanwhile. I’m speaking in Glasgow for the TS Queen Mary Charity on May 7th and also in Derry at St Eugene’s Church on May 16th. If you can, please come and support these events and anything else you see that’s nearby to where you live.

I go to the US in July and then on to Canada, this time on holiday for the whole month and when I return I’m taking part in a celebration of the music sung in the pubs of Edinburgh in the 1960's at the Queen’s Hall during the Edinburgh Fringe. Loads of my friends will be taking part. That’s on August 12th and on the 20th I’m ‘In Conversation’ again, this time with Nicola Meighan.

Please keep visiting us and noting what’s on this year. I’ll update you so that you’ll know where I can be found!

I’m sending love to you all for a peaceful and Happy Easter in April. The bulbs and flowers are beginning to spring up and give us something to look forward to as the year gets properly going. Hope to see you soon!

Barbara xx